15 May 10


Posted on 15th May 2010 by admin in P E R S O N A L

Hello Iphone/Ipad users/everyone. My vids are now available on Youtube for your viewing apathy! If you hop on over to my channel you’ll find my recent vids and some reaaaaaaaaaaly old videos which pre-date me actually having any clue what I was doing in CG. You may point and laugh at them as you please.


Here’s “Lights Out” on youtube so you actually see it on your Iphone/Ipad!

07 May 10

Lights Out – Breakdown

Posted on 7th May 2010 by admin in personal work

Ok folks, for those of you who’ve asked, I’ve put together a very simple breakdown/walkthrough of “Lights Out”. It basically takes you through the process from start to finish in what I hope is a fairly visual and simple way! The orignal “Lights Out” was made for an extra wide LCD strip on a reception desk in under 10 days so my sketches were quick and dirty but it should give you an idea of my thought processes hopefully. Anyway, enough chit-chat… here is is:

The music is a track by Deework called “Lose My Fire” which is being used under the creative commons license. Check out his stuff at: www.deework.com

05 May 10


Posted on 5th May 2010 by admin in P E R S O N A L

No, I’m not having a mental breakdown (just yet anyway!) but this is just a quick post to let you all know that, due to a few little requests I’ve been getting there shall be a little breakdown/behind the scenes type video of “Lights Out” in the near future. RSS me to stay in the loop. Many thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave feedback on what you’d like to see in the future!

28 Apr 10

Lights On

Posted on 28th April 2010 by admin in P E R S O N A L

Just a quick thanks to anyone stopping by who’s been adding “Lights Out” to various vimeo groups and sites. Really encouraging to see some people like it at least :)

EDIT: Big Shout out to the Vimeo staff who were derranged enough to put it up on “Staff Picks”!
EDITED EDIT: Bonjour to all the French speaking Fubiz visitors. J’espére que vous appréciez mes vidéos! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

26 Apr 10

Lights Out

Posted on 26th April 2010 by admin in personal work

As promised I’m back with some 3D Stereoscopicness. This post see’s a little animation I orginally made for a reception desk (that sucker is is 3 HDTV’s long: click here for the orginal with no sound) get a makeover for normal screens. This also see’s my first foray into sound design which was interesting since there is something robotic in motion pretty much all the time. No servo’s were hurt during the recording of this animation.
Here you’ll find two versions of “Lights Out”. The first being the regular Bland O’ Vision and the second in the slightly less bland, Stereo… O’ Vision. Dust off the old Red and Blue 3D glasses for the latter and prepare to be underwhealmed by the almost imperceptible addition of depth! I kid, I kid, It’ll blow your socks off…so wear two pairs.

Lights Out – Regular

Lights Out – Extra Strength

16 Apr 10

ICAD 2010 Opening Sequence

Posted on 16th April 2010 by admin in professional work

Aghhh robots.
Ok, for this once I’ve brought our future overlords together to make up the 2010 ICAD logo. The turnaround for this puppy was short, just a week. It was a fun one though since I pretty much had full creative control on all visual aspects of this from design right through to editing. Haven’t got my teeth into anything music videoesque edit wise in a long time so it was nice to get back in that saddle! The guys at thesoundbutlers.com pulled together some awesome sound in just two days for this one. Beware….it’s dark in there for the first 10 seconds so bring a flash light.

All work completed at Piranhabar.

05 Apr 10


Posted on 5th April 2010 by admin in P E R S O N A L

Dry spell? Fear not, there will be some personal work up soon enough. Get your 60’s 3d anaglpyh specs at the ready cos I’m mucking about in the passing fad that is stereoscopic 3d. More to come but for now, I’ve added a link to my Linkedin profile which I’m updating sloooooooowly but surely.


12 Feb 10

Hearts Barkley

Posted on 12th February 2010 by admin in personal work

Ah finally, something to add to the very shallow Personal pile. Story behind this image is basically, I hate cashing in on the Valentines day card bonanza (fear not, fine dining and chocs are always on the menu) and prefer to add the personal touch. So I did and this is the result, minus some minimal text. Heart Tree thing. Lets hear it for mother nature *applause*. What a drunk.

Created in XSI and 3ds Max with touching up in Potatoshop and After Effects. Clickety click for a bigger pic (made that up all by myself).

Heart Tree

23 Jan 10

RTE Two Interstitials

Posted on 23rd January 2010 by admin in professional work

Interstitials, Interstitals everywhere but so is water so…well, everything’s fine. Today I have a bag of interstitals for you. Enjoy.

Here are some of the interstitals I worked on for the recent rebrand of RTE Two. Compositing was a mixture between Aaron Inglis and Morten Vinther. You might ask, what’s an intersitials? It’s basically a little one second reminder that pops up between ads that tells you what channel you’re watching. In this set, we have a Ladybird and a dice, a spider mistakenly rapelling down into the maw of a venus fly trap, an insestuous family of venus fly traps and a strange pool full of firelies that are somehow stars and rippl….ahem. Wont even try explain that one. Anyway:

Christmas Interstitals
Here are some more interstitals I did for the Christmas season on RTE Two. I believe Aaron Inglis composited them all. Venus got himself some bells. I didn’t have the original music and sound effects for these so I yanked some of the music from the main Christmas Ident and stuck it on. Feeling Christmassy yet?

All work completed at Piranhabar.

23 Jan 10

RTE Two Idents

Posted on 23rd January 2010 by admin in professional work

Welcome to a tripple barrel post. On the menu today: RTE Two stuff. These are a bunch of “idents” I recently worked on for the rebrand of RTE Two. First up:

Dice Jump Ident
This is one that basically follows a group of six ladybirds skydiving through a hole in the RTE Two house roof, forming a dice (each ladybird has a different number of spots on its back) and then breaking formation. I worked on all the bits before the Venus fly trap room, rigging and building the assets. Probably the most fun one to work on. Gavin Kelly was on compositing these little rascals.

Firefly Ident
Ok, this one follows the journey of slighly magical firefly down the staircase, (inconsiderately) waking up some Sunflowers in the process. Again, I worked on everything apart from compositing up until the Venus room.

Spider Mobile Ident
This ident follows the events from some curious spiders investigating the recent arrival of a mobile phone in their web which, upon inspection, turns on and attracts fireflies through to a hungry venus. On this one I worked on all 3d aspects including the Venus room and Morten Vinther compted this sucker.

All work completed at Piranhabar.