06 May 11

Dulux Weathershield

Posted on 6th May 2011 by admin in G R A P H I C S, professional work

A little girl with powers beyond our comprehension body-slams a house into submission while the cruel elements taunt it. Nasty leaves, tracer rounds of water and footballs adorned with suspiciously brown matter pelt it relentlessly. This poor house has been through the ringer and it is very likely that the years of psychological taunting has attributed to this houses ever white and pale look. Dulux would rather have you believe it’s their new range of paints that keep it so pristine and white but we ALL know what’s really going on here. Bullying is a cowardly and devastating act. Please show your support for our house by posting below. All good wishes will go towards paying for run of sessions with a house psychologist and getting this monolith to hospitality back on its foundations again.

This house was abused with the power of 3D and its evil sister, compositing. The ripples were created in Softimage with the help of a nice ICE compound which can be found by going to this generous mans site and then composited over the live action footage. Simon Burke, Will Sharkey and myself worked on the ripples. Sam Boyd worked on some trees and foliage and I did some leaves that go from green and healthy to red and well, dead (…autumny).
Gavin Kelly and Paul Heagney worked on compositing.

All work completed at Piranhabar.


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