06 May 11

ESB Electric Ireland

Posted on 6th May 2011 by admin in G R A P H I C S, professional work

A man, a room and some mind warping drugs that send him hurtling through time brandishing a kettle and a dangerously brittle mug full of boiling liquid. That’s what this ad may appear to be about on first viewing however, some may say unfortunately, no such luck. This one sees the ESB (now ESB Electric Ireland ) celebrate their many years of serving electrons to our power hungry country and a little brand change thrown in for good luck.

In the background we see household objects morph/transform into new household objects. Some may question the ethics of plastic surgery spreading its manipulative and exploitative money stained fingers into the domain of inanimate and therefore, defenseless objects but I for one welcome it. I’d rather have a flat and barren white shelf than one with character any day if the price is right! All this digital surgery was achieved with the help of many hundreds of reference photographs of the objects on set and then brought into the computer, modeled and then textured. Then each had to be figured out like a puzzle that wont sit still to change from one object into another. Some had to morph 3 or 4 times to go from 1920’s, to 50’s, to 70’s to modern objects. There are lethal levels of compositing and vfx trickery going on to achieve a veritable nuclear explosion of an ad. Too much? Ok, its a nice ad but could clearly have been improved if our hero was tearing up the house in a Delorean during his time traveling spiel.

On the graphics side of things it was Sam Boyd, Gavin Kelly and me on the 3d end and Gavin Kelly and Paul Heagney on the compositing end.

All work completed at Piranhabar.


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