05 Jan 11

Two Fum

Posted on 5th January 2011 by admin in G R A P H I C S, professional work

What better way to start this years posts than with an ad from last year? This ad is about a load of 2FM radio presenters dressing up in their finest role playing gear and deluding themselves into thinking they’re having fun in what must be a freezing warehouse….it was December after all. A little known fact about this ad is that it was filmed during the Cold War and a nuclear explosion was reported to have gone off within a mile of the bunker they were filming. This is said to be the sole cause for both the apparent lack of aging of the cast since the incident and Mr. Tubridy’s unfortunate limb length in relation to his slight frame.

Everything aside from the people and vehicles is CGI. As for my role on this, it was relatively small. I did the “Come Together” sign and the worked on the print campaigns. I also built a lot of the detailing for the set… most of which you can’t see as its all dark n’ Hollywoody. All the rest of the 3D work was handled by Simon Burke, Sam Boyd and Will Sharkey.

All work completed at Piranhabar.


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