03 Jul 11


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Wanna see me answer a load of questions? No? Great. Don’t go here then:

Linky link


23 Sep 10

Still Here

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Sort of. Going out for some biscuits, back in a bit.

07 Jun 10


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This is a link to a little interview I did a while back after “Lights Out” got some attention. Thought I’d wait for Piranhabar’s “Avatar Days” hype to simmer down a little before I’d post it.
Check it out, the questions were more directed at my experience in the industry so far than the teams but I do my best to include everyone. If you’re not asleep by the second question, I’ve done well!

Click for the interview over at cgadvertising.com.

02 Jun 10

Avatar Dues (ouch)

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A lot of sites have been mis-informed about my status on Avatar Days, I did not direct this film and I just want to make that absolutely crystal clear. I was a VFX artist on the film and it is Gavin Kelly’s baby, not mine. I am very happy to have been a part of it. Here is a list of credits:

Directed by Gavin Kelly
Produced by David Burke
Production manager Marc Long
Director Of Photography Fergal O’ Hanlon
Editors Paul Giles, Damien O’ Connell
3D Animation Lead John O’ Connell
3D Animation Will Sharkey, Cormac Kelly
RED Camera Kindly Supplied by “The Production Depot”
Music by Steve Lynch at StellarSound
Digital Transfer Technial Assistant Cathal McHugh
Compositing Arron Ingles, Declan MacErlane

If you liked it, it is the hard work of all these people that made it possible.

Please visit http://www.piranhabar.ie for more of our work.


15 May 10


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Hello Iphone/Ipad users/everyone. My vids are now available on Youtube for your viewing apathy! If you hop on over to my channel you’ll find my recent vids and some reaaaaaaaaaaly old videos which pre-date me actually having any clue what I was doing in CG. You may point and laugh at them as you please.


Here’s “Lights Out” on youtube so you actually see it on your Iphone/Ipad!

05 May 10


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No, I’m not having a mental breakdown (just yet anyway!) but this is just a quick post to let you all know that, due to a few little requests I’ve been getting there shall be a little breakdown/behind the scenes type video of “Lights Out” in the near future. RSS me to stay in the loop. Many thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to leave feedback on what you’d like to see in the future!

28 Apr 10

Lights On

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Just a quick thanks to anyone stopping by who’s been adding “Lights Out” to various vimeo groups and sites. Really encouraging to see some people like it at least :)

EDIT: Big Shout out to the Vimeo staff who were derranged enough to put it up on “Staff Picks”!
EDITED EDIT: Bonjour to all the French speaking Fubiz visitors. J’espére que vous appréciez mes vidéos! Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

05 Apr 10


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Dry spell? Fear not, there will be some personal work up soon enough. Get your 60’s 3d anaglpyh specs at the ready cos I’m mucking about in the passing fad that is stereoscopic 3d. More to come but for now, I’ve added a link to my Linkedin profile which I’m updating sloooooooowly but surely.


06 Jan 10

Some Jaw dropping stuff here

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Here’s a video from a painfully talented Alex Roman called “The Third and The Seventh”. It’s fully CG and it’s obvious I had nothing to do with as there isn’t a single transforming robot to be seen in it:

The Third & The Seventh from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Full screen this sucker.

03 Dec 09

Holy f..

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From the render racks of Scanline in Germany, this stuff just takes the piss: