07 May 10

Lights Out – Breakdown

Posted on 7th May 2010 by admin in personal work

Ok folks, for those of you who’ve asked, I’ve put together a very simple breakdown/walkthrough of “Lights Out”. It basically takes you through the process from start to finish in what I hope is a fairly visual and simple way! The orignal “Lights Out” was made for an extra wide LCD strip on a reception desk in under 10 days so my sketches were quick and dirty but it should give you an idea of my thought processes hopefully. Anyway, enough chit-chat… here is is:

The music is a track by Deework called “Lose My Fire” which is being used under the creative commons license. Check out his stuff at: www.deework.com

26 Apr 10

Lights Out

Posted on 26th April 2010 by admin in personal work

As promised I’m back with some 3D Stereoscopicness. This post see’s a little animation I orginally made for a reception desk (that sucker is is 3 HDTV’s long: click here for the orginal with no sound) get a makeover for normal screens. This also see’s my first foray into sound design which was interesting since there is something robotic in motion pretty much all the time. No servo’s were hurt during the recording of this animation.
Here you’ll find two versions of “Lights Out”. The first being the regular Bland O’ Vision and the second in the slightly less bland, Stereo… O’ Vision. Dust off the old Red and Blue 3D glasses for the latter and prepare to be underwhealmed by the almost imperceptible addition of depth! I kid, I kid, It’ll blow your socks off…so wear two pairs.

Lights Out – Regular

Lights Out – Extra Strength

12 Feb 10

Hearts Barkley

Posted on 12th February 2010 by admin in personal work

Ah finally, something to add to the very shallow Personal pile. Story behind this image is basically, I hate cashing in on the Valentines day card bonanza (fear not, fine dining and chocs are always on the menu) and prefer to add the personal touch. So I did and this is the result, minus some minimal text. Heart Tree thing. Lets hear it for mother nature *applause*. What a drunk.

Created in XSI and 3ds Max with touching up in Potatoshop and After Effects. Clickety click for a bigger pic (made that up all by myself).

Heart Tree

01 Dec 09


Posted on 1st December 2009 by admin in personal work

Here’s a music video I did for my final project in college. It pretty much got my job so I am very grateful to it. Thank you music video.