01 Nov 11

Behind the curtain

Posted on 1st November 2011 by admin in G R A P H I C S, professional work

So, the good lads at Piranha Bar have posted a few behind the scenes bits from some of the jobs we did over the past while as a part of the rollout of the new website. I didn’t put the behind the scenes bits themselves together (I’d guess that was the work of Aaron and Paul) but here are some breakdowns of a few ads I had hand in.

First up is ESB:

Next up are some Bord Gais bits:

And finally is a Two FM ad we did, I only had small role in this but its still pretty cool to see how it was put together:

That’s all from me for tonight folks. Bars open till’ 2am. DJ Toupé will take it from here and play you out with all your favourite hits from the golden years of cruise liner cabaret.
Hit it DJ Toupes…


All work completed at Piranhabar.

06 May 11

Dulux Weathershield

Posted on 6th May 2011 by admin in G R A P H I C S, professional work

A little girl with powers beyond our comprehension body-slams a house into submission while the cruel elements taunt it. Nasty leaves, tracer rounds of water and footballs adorned with suspiciously brown matter pelt it relentlessly. This poor house has been through the ringer and it is very likely that the years of psychological taunting has attributed to this houses ever white and pale look. Dulux would rather have you believe it’s their new range of paints that keep it so pristine and white but we ALL know what’s really going on here. Bullying is a cowardly and devastating act. Please show your support for our house by posting below. All good wishes will go towards paying for run of sessions with a house psychologist and getting this monolith to hospitality back on its foundations again.

This house was abused with the power of 3D and its evil sister, compositing. The ripples were created in Softimage with the help of a nice ICE compound which can be found by going to this generous mans site and then composited over the live action footage. Simon Burke, Will Sharkey and myself worked on the ripples. Sam Boyd worked on some trees and foliage and I did some leaves that go from green and healthy to red and well, dead (…autumny).
Gavin Kelly and Paul Heagney worked on compositing.

All work completed at Piranhabar.

06 May 11

ESB Electric Ireland

Posted on 6th May 2011 by admin in G R A P H I C S, professional work

A man, a room and some mind warping drugs that send him hurtling through time brandishing a kettle and a dangerously brittle mug full of boiling liquid. That’s what this ad may appear to be about on first viewing however, some may say unfortunately, no such luck. This one sees the ESB (now ESB Electric Ireland ) celebrate their many years of serving electrons to our power hungry country and a little brand change thrown in for good luck.

In the background we see household objects morph/transform into new household objects. Some may question the ethics of plastic surgery spreading its manipulative and exploitative money stained fingers into the domain of inanimate and therefore, defenseless objects but I for one welcome it. I’d rather have a flat and barren white shelf than one with character any day if the price is right! All this digital surgery was achieved with the help of many hundreds of reference photographs of the objects on set and then brought into the computer, modeled and then textured. Then each had to be figured out like a puzzle that wont sit still to change from one object into another. Some had to morph 3 or 4 times to go from 1920’s, to 50’s, to 70’s to modern objects. There are lethal levels of compositing and vfx trickery going on to achieve a veritable nuclear explosion of an ad. Too much? Ok, its a nice ad but could clearly have been improved if our hero was tearing up the house in a Delorean during his time traveling spiel.

On the graphics side of things it was Sam Boyd, Gavin Kelly and me on the 3d end and Gavin Kelly and Paul Heagney on the compositing end.

All work completed at Piranhabar.

05 Jan 11

Two Fum

Posted on 5th January 2011 by admin in G R A P H I C S, professional work

What better way to start this years posts than with an ad from last year? This ad is about a load of 2FM radio presenters dressing up in their finest role playing gear and deluding themselves into thinking they’re having fun in what must be a freezing warehouse….it was December after all. A little known fact about this ad is that it was filmed during the Cold War and a nuclear explosion was reported to have gone off within a mile of the bunker they were filming. This is said to be the sole cause for both the apparent lack of aging of the cast since the incident and Mr. Tubridy’s unfortunate limb length in relation to his slight frame.

Everything aside from the people and vehicles is CGI. As for my role on this, it was relatively small. I did the “Come Together” sign and the worked on the print campaigns. I also built a lot of the detailing for the set… most of which you can’t see as its all dark n’ Hollywoody. All the rest of the 3D work was handled by Simon Burke, Sam Boyd and Will Sharkey.

All work completed at Piranhabar.

22 Dec 10

Bored and Moaning Tyre-sack

Posted on 22nd December 2010 by admin in professional work

Ahem, what I meant to say is “Bord Na Mona Firepak”…for that is the title of the ad I’m about to introduce. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but what better way to close out the year with an ad about a pyromaniac woman who trip balls after setting fire to a bag which in turn envelops her cold and heartless cave and turns it into a cosy and warm living room with a free husband to boot? You’ll notice in the ad we never see his feet. That’s because he doesn’t have any, he’s merely an abomination of her twisted imagination. We actually had to digitally track a face onto him too because he didn’t bother to bring his.

Most of the set is either fully digital or the elements morphing are digital. The first half with the fashionable room was executed by John O’ Connel and his v-ray machine. The other half, in the room of hallucinations was executed by Simon Burke, Will Sharkey, Paul the Flame guy, Gavin Kelly and me. I did morphing fireplace shots, the lamp shot, the cushion on the chair and the foot of the chair.

Just light the pack…and run for cover…

All work completed at Piranhabar.

25 May 10

Avatar Days

Posted on 25th May 2010 by admin in professional work

Hello all. After a long time under-wraps for various reasons I can finally bring this one out into the fresh air! Fans of World of Warcraft, this one’s for you.

This is a short film I worked on a while ago called “Avatar Days”. What makes it a little bit special is that the whole thing from filming, to vfx right through to compositing was done inside 4 very sleepless days and nights. I was part of the team on this one alongside John O’ Connel, Will Sharkey and director Gavin Kelly.

The documentary follows 4 MMORPG players talking about their online persona’s as we see them go about their daily lives against the dreary backdrop of an overcast day in Dublin city…as their Avatars!

This one picked up a few awards along the film festival circuit and was definately a fun one to work on. The bottle of “Kick” the Mage is holding in the queue is the same one that kept me awake helping make this sucker.

EDIT: Big thanks to Danny O’ Dwyer from CitizenGame.co.uk for featuring this on their front page. Cheers man!

Also available on youtube:


All work completed at Piranhabar.

16 Apr 10

ICAD 2010 Opening Sequence

Posted on 16th April 2010 by admin in professional work

Aghhh robots.
Ok, for this once I’ve brought our future overlords together to make up the 2010 ICAD logo. The turnaround for this puppy was short, just a week. It was a fun one though since I pretty much had full creative control on all visual aspects of this from design right through to editing. Haven’t got my teeth into anything music videoesque edit wise in a long time so it was nice to get back in that saddle! The guys at thesoundbutlers.com pulled together some awesome sound in just two days for this one. Beware….it’s dark in there for the first 10 seconds so bring a flash light.

All work completed at Piranhabar.

23 Jan 10

RTE Two Interstitials

Posted on 23rd January 2010 by admin in professional work

Interstitials, Interstitals everywhere but so is water so…well, everything’s fine. Today I have a bag of interstitals for you. Enjoy.

Here are some of the interstitals I worked on for the recent rebrand of RTE Two. Compositing was a mixture between Aaron Inglis and Morten Vinther. You might ask, what’s an intersitials? It’s basically a little one second reminder that pops up between ads that tells you what channel you’re watching. In this set, we have a Ladybird and a dice, a spider mistakenly rapelling down into the maw of a venus fly trap, an insestuous family of venus fly traps and a strange pool full of firelies that are somehow stars and rippl….ahem. Wont even try explain that one. Anyway:

Christmas Interstitals
Here are some more interstitals I did for the Christmas season on RTE Two. I believe Aaron Inglis composited them all. Venus got himself some bells. I didn’t have the original music and sound effects for these so I yanked some of the music from the main Christmas Ident and stuck it on. Feeling Christmassy yet?

All work completed at Piranhabar.

23 Jan 10

RTE Two Idents

Posted on 23rd January 2010 by admin in professional work

Welcome to a tripple barrel post. On the menu today: RTE Two stuff. These are a bunch of “idents” I recently worked on for the rebrand of RTE Two. First up:

Dice Jump Ident
This is one that basically follows a group of six ladybirds skydiving through a hole in the RTE Two house roof, forming a dice (each ladybird has a different number of spots on its back) and then breaking formation. I worked on all the bits before the Venus fly trap room, rigging and building the assets. Probably the most fun one to work on. Gavin Kelly was on compositing these little rascals.

Firefly Ident
Ok, this one follows the journey of slighly magical firefly down the staircase, (inconsiderately) waking up some Sunflowers in the process. Again, I worked on everything apart from compositing up until the Venus room.

Spider Mobile Ident
This ident follows the events from some curious spiders investigating the recent arrival of a mobile phone in their web which, upon inspection, turns on and attracts fireflies through to a hungry venus. On this one I worked on all 3d aspects including the Venus room and Morten Vinther compted this sucker.

All work completed at Piranhabar.

11 Jan 10

Kellogs Rice Krispies Supermarket

Posted on 11th January 2010 by admin in professional work

This is an ad I worked on just before Christmas ‘09 for Rice Krispies Squares. I worked on a lot of the Previs and then again on the final product you see here. Simon Burke did all the sexy fluid sims. Will Sharkey ate a lot of curries.

Work completed at Piranhabar.